What we Offer


As valued clients of the Mosman Gymbaroo Centre, we invite all of our clients to attend a Free Seminar each term on a Developmental Topic of Interest.  As we work closely with the Allied Health Professionals in the area, we are very fortunate to have them come to the Mosman Centre to deliver seminars in their area of specialisation. Please see the News tab for this Term’s Seminar.


As professionally trained Gymbaroo teachers, we are aware of the normal stages and rates of child development.  If we feel that our clients would benefit from a consultation from a Doctor, Gymbaroo Consultant or Allied Health Professional, we are able to refer you to one of our trusted professionals from our list of preferred clinicians.


The Mosman Gymbaroo Centre has a library of resources for our clients to borrow.  Our library includes, developmental books, developmental DVDs, brochures and neurological handouts.

Developmental Toys

As part of the Gymbaroo Program, we use many developmental and music pieces of equipment to assist us in delivering a fun based learning program.  As our babies and children get a lot of enjoyment out of our small equipment, and as we re-enforce practising the movement exercises at home, we provide a comprehensive list of equipment and music at our Centre to purchase.  We have a Developmental Shop set up in Weeks 5 and 6 for our parents to purchase their preferred items.

Some of the items include: Maracas, egg shakers, bells, ribbon wands, tambourines, Gymbaroo themed CDs, massage balls, puff balls, bell balls and light-up balls.



Tel: 0416 813 421




Each class is facilitated by TWO professionals

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