The Mosman Gymbaroo Centre has a resource centre of books, DVDs, developmental flyers and fact sheets. 

We also have links to relevant developmental reports and links to some of our Health Professionals websites.

Some of the resources that are available for purchase or to borrow include:
Book - Smart Start; How exercise can transform your child’s life by Margaret Sasse
Book – Best Start by Margaret Sasse
Information Manuel – Baby Massage; Your step-by-step Guide for Massage Time
                                  Produced by the Infant Massage Information Service

Book – Maternal Matters by Jennifer Hamilton
            Practical advice and support for parents of babies 0 – 12months
            One copy of the book is at the Centre for quick reference, but copies can be
            bought through Jennifer Hamilton’s website (please see below)

Directory of Children’s Services – Mosman Council

CD’s – Gymbaroo Themed CDs by TessaRose (purchase at the Centre)
            Baby Dance & Babies Vols 1 & 2 by TessaRose (purchase at the Centre)


DVDs – The Importance of Being an Infant by Margaret Sasse
              The Importance of Being One by Margaret Sasse
              The Importance of Being Two by Margaret Sasse
              The Importance of Being Three by Margaret Sasse
              The Importance of Being Four by Margaret Sasse

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