The Team


Centre Co-ordinator and Assistant on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

I have a background in Early Childhood teaching and directing and have been working at Mosman Gymbaroo as the assistant teacher/ coordinator of the centre since 2008.

My role involves assisting the teacher with the teaching and facilitating of our program, educating our parents and supporting our little people in how and why we are using the equipment the way we do, to support their development.

I ensure the equipment is safe, well set up, kept clean and looking presentable throughout the day. I change the equipment to challenge and accommodate for each developmental age and stage, pinning up developmental task cards to inform and support our adjustments.

I am always here to help you in, welcome you with a smile, mark your name off and get you ready for class.  I will attend to any administration need you may have and collect your treasure bag themed items.

I will enrol you as a new comer and educate you on what our service will offer you and the great developmental benefits for your child.  I ensure the instruments and small equipment for class is set up and cleaned between each child's use and give a stamp to your child on their right hand following and reinforcing our language and visual part of our "Walkers" program.

I support our Teachers and owner in the running of the business and share ideas and new initiatives and seminars we implement.  I do love my role here at Mosman Gymbaroo and the wonderful team I work with.

Tel: 0416 813 421



Each class is facilitated by TWO professionals

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