Our GymbaROO program was designed to both guide and educate parents to provide their children with motor development activities and sensory stimulation – and all within a supportive and fun environment.

At Mosman Gymbaroo, the parents are taught to involve their infants and babies in activities that provide a solid foundation in learning and development. These are everyday activities that have been lost in our busy schedules... activities that you can take home with you and integrate back into your daily experience with your little one.

GymbaROO offers an organised, strategic ‘Parent Education Program’, which supports your ‘whole new life’ when baby arrives.

Our activities are not designed to advance a child’s development at a faster pace, but to ensure that each child / baby is given the full benefit from each of their developmental stages.

For the human cortical brain to read, understand the spoken language, follow and sequence information, walk, run, talk, write and spell, we are dependent on a good foundation at the brain stem level.


Toddler Kindy GymbaROO’s adventures with learning and development began over 30 years ago, when Margaret Sassè co-founded ANSUA, (A New Start for the Under Achiever) in Melbourne, Australia.

The work of ANSUA focused on helping children who were struggling with learning at school.

After working as the Director of ANSUA for ten years, Sassè had insights that the issues these children were facing, could be picked up and corrected in their early years. She realised that if the program could help under-achievers, then it could also bring great benefit and solid foundations to every child.

Margaret was the pioneer of the natural development process, whereby natural development of the brain could be directly related to naturally repeating physiological activity. She saw that repeating development stages for the following situations was beneficial:

  • children who missed out on stages in the 0-5-year age timeframe
  • children who had minimal time in those stages
  • children who later had reading and learning

Such was her success with children with reading and learning difficulties from primary to secondary school ages, that she helped others to emulate her methodologies, and then decided that rather than continuing to address the symptoms she should address the core issues.

The core issue being that modern life means many parents are not aware of the natural developmental stages their babies from birth to five years old need to pass through to maximize their learning potential.

Thus, GymbaROO was born, with the following objectives:

  • Parent education
  • To provide a highly specific physiologically stimulating environment to aid children's physiological development
  • Provide an enjoyable experience for the parents and the children

GymbaROO receives international recognition by a world authority Professor Frances Glascoe who has also come on board as a GymbaROO Patron. GymbaROO continues to gather acceptance and more centres both locally and internationally as it begins 2013, its 30th year, and Margaret’s daughter, Dr Jane Williams, continues to grow her prominence and profile in GymbaROO’s area of expertise excellence.

GymbaROO is continuously broadening its research base and tweaking the program to remain at the forefront of the health and education system.


Dr Jane Williams, the Director of Toddler Kindy GymbaROO in Australia, continues in Margaret's footsteps. Take a look at The Genius of Natural Childhood – Secrets of Thriving Children by Sally Goddard Blythe MSc. International Director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester.

In her book, Sally Goddard Blythe draws on neuroscience to unpack the wisdom inherent in lullabies, nursery, rhymes and fairy stories. She explains why movement experience in the early years is essential for healthy child development and why music helps to develop and enhance language.

Dr Williams provides a starter pack of games and activities which parents can do with their children. The final chapter provides a series of check lists of signs to look out for in children who may need additional help in getting ”ready” for school.

According to statistics from the USA:

  • 30% of children will enter kindergarten developmentally delayed
  • 30% of children are obese
  • 20% of children require special education assistance
  • infants watch 2.5 hours per day of TV and toddlers watch 4.5 hours per day TV
  • Elementary children use 8 hours per day of combined technologies

And in the UK 40% of parents admit they have never read to their child." Reference, www.sallygoddardblythe.co.uk 

Come along to GymbaROO to ensure your child has the best chance to reach their very best potential.

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